Happy new year!

Thanks for sticking with this site for the last 6 months. Without your support this site would not have lasted. Hope you all are having a great year with new goals in trading and in other aspects of life and we wish you the best.


New product

Compared to last years main focus which was mainly based on providing a coding service for you, this years greater focus would be introducing new products and expanding our store. We aim to reach around 50 products in total before we celebrate 1 year to this site



ZoneLiner is a simple tool that makes your charting needs more simple. Well, we all have been marking up chart lines ever since we started charting. And everytime we draw a line we got to go to the toolbox and draw the line… well not only that we also need to adjust the line incase we made a mistake in the placement. Whether you are a BTMM trader or a support and resistant trader, lines are important when we need to mark those important price points.

Color profiles

ZoneLiner comes with 3 customizable color profiles. Each profile has a color, line style and line width. These profiles can be toggled while zoneliner is on the chart by simply pressing shift. (Yes, no need to open any extra windows! just press and click)

zone liner inputs

After u set your custom colors, width and lines press ok and you are done.


Press “Ctrl” to switch the modes which are create,delete and none

Press “Shift”  to switch the color profiles

How do i know the switch is made? See the chart comment that will always update you with the current mode, and color, line and width that is selected



There are 3 modes in total which are create, delete and none.

When create mode is active whenever you make a click on the chart you would be creating a line on the chart

When delete mode is active and when you click over any chart object you would be deleting that chartobject from the chart

When none mode is active…  (Nothing happens, so you can do your other charting stuff like measuring pips and stuff like that)


What exactly is ZoneLiner creating?

On click ZoneLiner creates a Trendline object. However this wont be a trendline with 2 different price points. This would have the same price points but the line starts from the click you make in the past or the future and goes to the opposite side.


Why do you need these kind of lines?

These types of lines giveaway 2 informations rather than just the price. For example if we are talking about a support or a resistance or even a zoneflip.. would it be important for you to actually know where this zoneflip originated from?

The normal horizontal line object in MT4 doesnt allow us to see that unless we draw trendlines and what happens when we need to draw trendlines with the same price and extend them to the current time? We make mistakes and it consumes time and that is the reason why ZoneLiner is created.

Here is a GIF image of how the usage is meant to happen but as always feel free to try anything with this. After all there are no rules…

Its a very long post explaining why this exists, but you got the features as well. So if you are interested in getting this small tool just go to the product page and purchase this. Be sure to check out the other products as well.