This is the guide for the product – “Tracers”.


Even though the original BTMM teachings are based on the Intraday and the intraweek structures, the BTMM swing traders rely on the weekly highs and lows of the previous week and even the monthly. Besides intraday traders and traders who trade the weekly cycle can use these highs and lows as a confluence for there setups as well. For that reason Tracers are introduced.


The structure

How Tracers function might not be very friendly with everyone, however as this is the first release not much options are given within the indicator. This can be changed based on what you want in future updates of course but in this guide we will cover how it is at the moment of the release.


On chart periods of H1 and below the bluetracer will be the normal bluetracer which you always see which is yestedays high and low and no others.

On chart periods of H4 the only the previous weeks high and lows will be recorded and on the chart period of Daily only the previous months high and low will be recorded.


All these periods are offered in 1 indicator which changes based on the time-frame you are on.


Why doesn’t “Tracers” offer all time-frames on all charts?

As mentioned earlier this can be added as a mode if the demand for this mode is requested by the users, however why we are not including this in the initial release is because the charts will have so many lines and it might be difficult for the eyes to process that as information when there are 6 lines hanging around at the same time.

But since every BTMM trader is used to the AQUA line of the original bluetracer, we are just displaying 2 lines but those 2 lines will shift from high of week to month based on the time-frame.


Previous weeks high and low on H4 charts

previous months high and low on Daily charts

Yestedays high and low on H1 charts and below


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Thank you for reading, and i wish you a great trading year.