It’s going to be almost 6 months since i started this website and i would like to appreciate all the support i have got from all of my customers and visitors. Without your support, this site wouldn’t have continued to exist for such a long period.

I have some interesting things for you all coming up before January. And hopefully a whole lot of new products planned for the next year as well.

My most hit product so far in the store, Stalk-Board is getting a huge update that would make it visually more easy and clear to see. This can be downloaded from the my account section if you have already purchased Stalk-Board before.


Stalk-Board update details

The first change is the gray out feature. Basically all data that is irrelevant is grayed out instead of keeping it in the foreground color. You have the control of changing what color this is going to be from the inputs. Still when the ADR is breached it will show up in red color.


Before there was no control for the users to really change the Red and Green colors we had implemented as bullish and bearish indications. But from this update onward you can choose any color as bullish and bearish, giving you all the freedom you deserve to fit your own templates.


The freedom of choosing color is probably great, but whats more greater is that this update will actually allow you to modify the font sizes, the box sizes of the section and the spacings which is a fix for the small screen users to get more pairs on the screen. For example, if you are on a resolution that allows you 26 pairs instead of 28 pairs and you can probably get around 5 more pairs by making a small adjustment.

The moving average section has been a colorful section all along, but with this update we are moving some of the moving average values to the grayout area. The idea is that you do not really need to know about a crossover that happened a long time ago (maybe 200 bars ago), because its no longer relevant for a 5050 Bounce or an ID50. But as we are giving the freedom of choosing for the users, this is also completely upto you to decide. The default is 20 bars, meaning any crossover that is greater than 20 bars ago wont be colored. You can adjust the 20 value from the inputs as all the other settings



And thats all about the stalk-board being updated folks! Thanks for the great support and thanks for the questions you throw at me, I will hopefully stick around answering them.