We are the cheapest MT4 store and our coding services are focused on the very basic projects. We do not take over complicating projects as the maximum price we will charge from you will be $100. So we might reject your coding request if the project is too complicating and for those projects please go ahead and use the MQL Freelance section as there will be people willing to take on such projects or any projects.


So basically, the procedure is that you (the customer) gives us all the details of the coding job via the contact us form or from telegram in a direct message or anyway you choose to contact us. We will give you a reply within 3 days stating the price we are willing to do it or asking for extra details or we will right away reject the project.


The payments are divided into two parts where the customer first pays a startup fee to us which is a fixed fee of $15 which will make the job start. Once the job starts the customers cannot request additional features that they didn’t request before. This is done as it will be easy for us to smoothly complete the project in time. Once the project is complete you will be given a testing copy which will expire in a week. You can test it out and keep pointing any mistakes/bugs or small additional features. Even at this point no major features can be added.


After you are satisfied with the testing copy you need to make the final part of the payment to get the full version and that concludes the coding job


Common questions you might have


What if the final payment is never made?

The final payment can be made any time however, the startup fee will not get refunded and the customer will be left with an indicator that doesn’t work so it is balanced.


What if the customer no longer wishes to continue the job after the startup fee is paid?

The startup fee on a rare case if the work has not yet started will be refunded. But if the work is almost done it will not be refunded as we did spend our time coding it, and if you quit at that point the startup fee is really meant for our work


What if we no longer wish to continue the job after the startup fee is paid?

The customer will be fully refunded.


What if the customer needs more testing time?

An extension will be given on request but no more than 31 days

More  FAQ’s will be added as time passes

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